The capital in Yang Chao’s ages extended Chinese span of life and won

Chinese span of life incorporated company just with hk$6,400,000,000 and CNY 4,000,000,000 at industry and business bank A+the H became available in the market in win the investor title of the biggest foundation, at present, again bid success with 5,670,000,000 joined from partnership Guangdong to develop 20% ownership of a shares of bank.Go to this, […]

The seat reports:The big funds extol iron in China crazily

On the 3rd of this month, in China iron debarkation A stock market field, manage finance a weekly paper collections arrival from up hand over the data of to suggest, big fund seat distinctly the buying China iron, but in great quantities win the small shareholder then continues to beat new the usual practice falls […]

After brightenning bank to become available in the market to draw up first an A H

Reform reorganization to is divided into a project set, note to support good enough and publicly become available in the market three war service, is beginning third battle to brighten group and brighten president Tang Shuang of the bank rather to hold recently currently of brighten group 2008 working conference up reveal, brighten bank and […]

Three latent problems of LOF mechanism

Recently, southern fund management company underneath head the LOF south actively installed fund to speak favorably to show up in the voice in the one.As innovation of our country fund industry, LOF released to get the universal concern in the industry, the large investor also expressed strong interest to this kind of new product.Though it […]

The analysis report that is worth of increasing a stock type fund to Anne of promise

Contents summary ◎invest the statistics of management ability evaluation system according to intergalactic stock certificate fund fund management company in research center stock in China, promise Anne fund management company of the stock invest management ability to rank the 3rd in 33 fund companies in the Year 2005’s and rank the 6th in 45 fund […]

Last certificate national debt December 6 noon dish in market significantly declines

Significantly decline on certificate national debt December 6 noon dish in market of a life time China wealth Xun, the coupon falls to rise more now little.Last certificate national debt index number closing price reports 110.02:00 and falls 0.15% at noon.The investor mindset is careful, the market hands over to throw light.Monetary policy in 2008 […]

Study a Times commentary member:Comprehend the basic method of 17 greatest spirits

The importance comments on authorization to release 17 greatest Jis to want a theory to investigate a party history data study the article medium gather the selected works of Cui Bo to ascend a net to review speech study Times commentary member:Comprehend basic January 21, 2008 of method of 17 greatest spirits 11:02 sources:Study Times […]

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