Farmers market creates healthy new connections in local community

A vendor sells a variety of fruit.

Zul Surani, a member of the Lincoln Heights Farmers Market Committee and executive director of community partnerships for the USC Health Sciences Campus, added: “This effort was made possible through staff and faculty contributions that support community enrichment. The university is proud to support collaborative efforts such as the farmers market and many others to make healthier choices easier choices.”

The market is currently operated by the Lincoln Heights Benefits Association of Los Angeles every Wednesday at North Broadway and Daly Street from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Moving forward, Martinez hopes that “people who live, work and travel through Lincoln Heights will continue to create and to contribute to a place that fills a great need in this community. We need healthy food choices and we need a place to connect, share ideas and gain knowledge on health and wellness on a weekly basis. The folks are willing, but the challenges are great.”