O’Reilly stands by Watters

Bill O’Reilly, host of The O’Reilly Factor – the platform for the Oct 3 Watters’ World segment that was panned by many for its “racist” depictions of Asian Americans – defended himself and Watters’ World to Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. “Waters is a gentle satirist,” O’Reilly said. “We’re proud of him.” On Oct 5 Jesse Watters, host of Watters’ World, also tweeted that his segments were “tongue-in-cheek”, adding, “I regret if anyone found offense.”Many remain unsatisfied with both Watters’ apology and O’Reilly’s dismissal. According to Change.org, as of Tuesday night more than 20,000 signatures had been collected for a petition demanding an apology and cancellation of Watters’ World for its “offensive stereotype of Asian Americans.”O’Reilly thinks the complaints have ulterior motives. “This is an attack on Fox News. That’s what it is,” he told Wallace. “It’s happened before. This is an organized campaign.””Where did it appear? Far-left websites, far-left precincts. I read every single one. They’re all the same,” O’Reilly said.Neither O’Reilly nor Watters have issued any additional statements about the criticized segment, and Watters’ World has continued to air.