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The country throws a Rui silver fund manager:Catch a cow to keep cow confidence trend

Because the work goes A the H synchronously become available in the market, enthusiasm in the market sparks once again.The market widespreadly predicts that bull market progress although the meeting faces part adjustment, total and hard converse.Many viewpoints of investors catch a few big cows as far as possible.The generally medium small investor is in […]

Earth vibrator type recifier in Peking has great capacity super – in August

The data statistics, August, this year that tidies up storage center according to land in Peking City, land market in Peking clinched a deal to appear a small high peak and added up to clinch a deal 8 ground pieces, clinched a deal amount to compare to a little bit greatly increase in July.Clinch a […]

The stating silver is international:Hoped to appear certain holdout

On Wednesday Hu deep two city fund index number whole dayses are circulated to Tuesday’s closing price point under.Trend while dividing up, although the morning session end segment has more emollient rebound,can not recovers morning session to lose ground, the index number accelerates a fall now again in the afternoon, eventually the dish is accepted […]

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